Sunday, 20 September 2009

Airfix Update

Just a short post relating to the Medway Model Show where I met for the first time 'Mr Airfix' Trevor Snowden. He looks a bit fed up in the above picture (how many times has he had to pose with the new 1/24 Mossie!)but he was an absolute gentleman, willing to spend loads of time answering 'kit bashers' questions. He's definitly enjoyed the move to Hornby which has not only saved this famous name but invested significantly in its future....and there is a lot of exciting stuff to come next year!!

The Mossie looked fantastic, not sure if I can afford one when released next year but the detail was impressive, engineand gun bays packed with detail and a fully fitted out cockpit. 1/24th is a great scale for aging eyes...not sure where one could be displayed afterwards tho!

Releases of old favourites and new toolings are gradually coming out, recently the new spitfires, 109's and Hawks hit the shelves and a reworking of the Matilda Tank to carry mortars an Aussie invention I believe called the Hedgehog. Soon to be released will be brand new toolings of the Sea Harrier in 1/72nd and the pre production test shots looked very nice indeed as did the new Mig 15.

Finally a couple of really interesting books have been published recently ...the Boys Book Of Airfix and the Vintage Yearsof Airfix Box Art. I highly recommend both for that nostalgia trip and the serious student of plastic kits....amazing it's not become a degree course yet as you seem to be able to take degrees in most subjects these days!!


Paul said...

Nice Post, Trev does look a little moody! Those two book will be on my Xmas list this year for sure.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I've got on the lookout for the "HMS Warspite" and "HMS Iron Duke" kits :)

legatus hedlius said...

I have to get that Mosquito! But when I will ever build it is the question!

Anonymous said...

Although I only do "silver" aeroplanes...that Mossie looks great!