Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I'm back

Well due to a huge demand (cheers Geordie!) I'm posting again. After October very busy work schedule, Starting a Youth Cafe Trust for which I had succesfully bid for £335,000 from the Big Lotto, Dodgy eyes....yes that 40's something effect 15mm was getting a bit tricky, reading glasses plus macular degeneration scare, (upshot after Moorfields eye hosp ...some inflamtion episode cocking up eyesight a trifle,should be ok for a decade or 2...but just in case we'll take photos!) and getting mixed up with a campaign in canterbury to prevent the demolition of the only community hall in the centre of the city.....particularly interested as its the 'old drill hall of the 4th & 5th Buffs', plus the East Kent Mounted Rifles and Duke of Connaughts Own TA RA WW2 unit. I will post on this subject soon & enlist all my blogging friends to support us in our endevours to save it and perhaps take it off the City Councils hands. Particularly interesting photo's from the Blitz.

I was going to post sooner but my Bleeping computer had over christmas gone kaput....a nasty attack by bugs etc which freeware had not prevented led me to 'Norton' the system...this got most things working apart from Internet Explorer ...however 'Motzrela Filofax'seemed to work ok......apart from posting and adding photo's on Blogger. At whits end but finally have it sorted.

Modelling and painting little soldiers....not featured much due to watering eyes....but plastic kits seem a possibilty again will post pics of Humber Armoured Car....and various 'things with wings' on the go. HMS Belfast visit photo's will add here and some flying stuff on my  Aviation blog.

Finally for now RIP Bob Doe the 3rd highest scoring ace in the B of B with 14 victories who died at the weekend a superb gentleman who was very proud but humble about their achievements in that summer of 1940. At a book signing I attended 5 years ago he signed a copy of his autobiography 'Bob Doe Fighter Pilot' ' David, Happy Flying, B Doe' a treasured possession on my library shelf.


Matt said...

Wa-Haaay! Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you blogging again! Do not worry, at our age after the eyes going we have a multitude of ailments to look forward to!


Fraxinus said...

Cheers Matt for those encouraging words!!.....a day on the computer & neck & back is giving out too!!!....this getting old malarky isnt much fun!!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Welcome back, boy you have been busy

I hope everything is now on an even keel

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Welcome back indeed!

PS. Glasses or me in the last two or three months as well..... :P

Ralphus said...

Looking to read more posts - welcome back to the blogging medium