Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sheerness Centre Bastion Battery

The above photo was taken last weekend when we visited Sheppey for the annual 'World Walking the Plank' contest!! at Queenborough.

The centre Bastion Battery was developed as part of the fortifications at Sheerness to protect the naval Port and entrance to the Medway from 1825 and was updated until WW2 finally being abandoned in 1956.

Have a look at the superb and fascinating website 'Underground Kent' for better photo's and other areas of Sheerness Fort which is sadly not open to the public. Also Wars of Louis Quatorze for more details on Sheerness and Queenborough and the fortifications at the time of the Dutch raid in 1667.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!


legatus hedlius said...

That's a loomingly sinister looking fort!

Fraxinus said...

Thanks Matt.... to much sitting at a computer at work, driving 20,000 miles a year, painting tiny model soldiers, blogging etc can cause back and neck problems beware!! I have taken a dose of increased gardening, hill walking and cycling this seems to help so hopefully on the mend for occasional sedentary painting & blogging!...a few WW1 planes did get made on summer hols tho!

Hi LH ..yes it provides an awesome 'brooding' presence over the beach at Sheerness... I am particularly amused tho how they tried to disguise part of it as a 1930's house!!better pics on underground Kent