Friday, 28 August 2009

Wind in the Wires

No wargames figures at all during the past 3 months after a good start this year production and enthusiasm waned with back and neck problems due probably to sitting at a computer to much, after all we seem to be chained to them at work. however a few WW1 biplanes were produced and these are the results. Above is a Spad XIII in RFC colours an old ESCI kit.

The Spad with the Airfix Bristol Fighter and Revell SE5a (bought cheaply in Modelworld sale earier this year)

The SE5a was built on holiday in a rented cottage in the Forest of Dean so I didn't have my usual modelling box with me the decals on the top wing 'silvered' even with Humbrol decalfix and this is slightly more noticable as they have no white circle being of 143 sqd Home Defence based at Detling in May 1918. Also the 'fun' job of rigging still has to be done as the pet spider was left at home!

Now usually Hazel plans a holiday destination devoid of aircraft museums/military museums I'm sure not deliberatly, only to find our host was based at RAF Brize Norton so I got myself invited to the officers mess while the family went llama trecking!


Anonymous said...

Excellent-I could never do the rigging myself. I stuck with 1950s American jets because they took silver spray paint so well! (The Sabre and Super Sabre are my all time favourite aircraft).


johnpreece said...

My production increased recently after I realised that I was spending shorter periods at the table since my wife had 'borrowed' my usual chair.

No pain that I was aware of but my concentration waned sooner. May be worth checking your chair at work is right height and angle.

The biplanes are very nice models, though.