Friday, 28 June 2013

Matchbox Hanomag 21 st Panzer Division

  Well the Hanomag is finished although I've just noticed an error! Anyway fun build crewed with some Matchbox DAK infantry. I think a Matchbox Wespe next with its palm tree base. The ruined house wall section diorama will be added to the scenery spares box.
I will build some more Hanomags and add extra equipment, this looks too factory fresh so I may 'dust' up the wheels and tracks. I would like to find a cheap source of Jerry cans & general stowage that doesn't cost more than the kit....but might end up just have a go at making some from scratch and casting in resin over the summer break.
This was the later boxing made politically correct by the removal of the swastika flag, gunfire and attacking plane and released by Revell.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

A cracking kit!

legatus hedlius said...

Love it!

Paul said...

It has come up a treat Fraxinus, cracking work.

What a sweet ride!

Fraxinus said...

Thanks kits on the go might try and build two at a time!