Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Red Arrows, a 'Jolly Little Boat' & a Hanomag!

On Saturday the 'deadsparrows' were based at Manston so that they could perform their wondrous aerobatics at the Folkestone airshow ....well non airshow as it had been cancelled! Theywere paid for and booked so they displayed!
Pilot briefing and refueling of the Hawks in progress
Hawks where the occasional KLM airliner disgorges its passengers
747 being scrapped at Manston its been a landmark for some months, the JCB's preying on it like Velociraptor's  eating  a dead Brontosaurus!
Last weekend I decided that there would be too many 'temptations' at the Broadside Wargames show at Sittingbourne...I need to focus  on my current projects plus the new job is on much reduced pay so with great sadness I decided to not attend (everyone else in 'Blogland' seems to have gone & it seems to be developing into a very nice show). Also I had promised 'High Command' a trip on the recently repaired jolly boat the 'Hazyjoe'. We are members of Fordwich boat club  and have bankside rites to store and launch our 14ft rowing boat which is equipped by a small Mercury outboard. 
We went out on Sunday and the river Stour was quite busy. Basically boats down river come up to the Fordwich Arms and we go downriver to the 'Grove Ferry Inn'!!
In between the 2 watering holes are the Westbere Lakes and Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve. Kingfisher, Terns, Cormorants, Swans, Warblers,Tits, Wagtails etc all spotted on what was a rather cold day to be messing about in a boat.
I was wearing 4 layers of clothing on the 9th June!! The good old British Summer!
Current build a Revell re release of the old Matchbox 'Hanomag' Sd Kfz 251/1. Nice kit with action figure jumping over the side! This one is being built for the Africa Korps  in my desert campaign project. Only one piece was badly molded one of the MG's barrels had not formed properly otherwise it has stood the test of time well.
Hoping to finish this within the next week and find some additional crew from the Matchbox 'DAK' troops.


Paul said...

The Red Arrows, water, beer and a Hanomag...What could go wrong.

Nice work so far Fraxinus.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Blimey.... exactly what Paul said.... :o))

legatus hedlius said...

Some great pictures. I remember building loads of those Matchbox Hanomags!