Monday, 22 July 2013

The War & Peace Revival Show 2013 - Part 1 The Cold War

Well Saturday was my day to celebrate having survived my first 2 terms working in education and what an event to do it at! The War and Peace Revival is the renaming of the now famous massive military vehicle extravaganza that was War and Peace show and held at the Whitbread Hop Farm at Paddock Wood for the past 20 years. Due to various factors they moved the show to the recently closed Folkestone Race Course on the South Coast of Kent and even nearer to the continent which probably attracted more attendees. It is also a larger site and there are permanent buildings with excellent facilities. I took a huge amount of photo's so I will break them up into subject areas and post, also my ID on some of these vehicles is not very good so any comments on that front very welcome but they will hopefully act as useful references for modellers/wargamers out there.
 Fox Armoured Car
 Stalwart (a favorite due to the Airfix 1/32nd model!)
 One of my Teaching Colleagues Husbands Ferret ! good to meet you David
Scimitar turret on FV432
 FV 432 Recovery or Ammo carrier?
 Rapier CVRT
 A Ferret mk2 with turret
 Inside T62 Turret hatch showing the breach
 BMP type thing
 CVRT 'Striker'
 CVRT family 'Spartan' ?
 CVRT with some kind of missile affair? I admitted to being short on knowledge on this subject
 Scorpion again (picked up an Airfix model of one at the show)
 The Abbot Self Propelled Gun (Another Airfix1/32nd favorite!)
 FV 432

 A missile supply vehicle
 Abbot again
 a Czech BMP type Russian job answers please!

 It was dusty!
 Centurion at speed
 Saracen at speed
 The Centurion is for some reason my favorite tank and picked up 2 'cheap as chips' Airfix models at the show
 Engineers vehicle on Chieftain chassis
 A trio of Scorpions
Interesting armor detail
As a reward for making your way through all those pictures of cold war vehicles the shows 'poster girl' who was posing for pictures like a live piece of B17 'nose art', well it seemed rude not to take a  photo! Also I got a very rare Airfix Kit at the show which I don't think the vendor knew was worth more than £10 guess what it was? all will be revealed in tomorrows 100th blog posting!


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice posts

The PSC are great models (referring to earlier posts)

Fraxinus said...

Cheers Geordie I have 3 boxes of PSC kits so far will get the Stuart/Honeys next...once I've made the first 3! must source some decals to

FalkeEins said...

nice pics ...too dusty for me!
Looking forward to some Manston photos; toyed with the idea of going there too, but just knew there would be traffic problems!

Unknown said...

The CVRT with the missile affair as you put it or CVRT with Rapier is in fact HMM (High Velocity Missile System).
Please if you can identify and be accuratethen then don't as it offends those of us that used and deployed with these systems.