Saturday, 6 July 2013

Workbench Update Pak 36 & Panzer III

A quick update on the modelling of the DAK forces, one HaT German PAK36Anti Tank Gun and crew painted and being based with my first ever Plastic Soldier Company kit a Panzer III G well underway.
I am most impressed with PSC this tank has gone together in no time and looks the business in wargames terms, best bit no individual road wheels!!!!! I will complete the other two and paint them as a batch.
The HaT PAK 36 is a basic kit in that awful rubbery do you cut the mould lines off the figures, even a sharp scalpel fails!  Answers very welcome as this is my main gripe with plastic figures and the latest release of plastic Falklands Paras from Revell also have some flash to remove (originally Matchbox).


Paul said...

These are looking the business.

I too was a little miffed about the flash on the Revell re issues and so far this has blocked a mass production of stands.

I am thinking of a heated wire to run along the seam, but have yet to get my A into G into turning the idea into reality.

Keep up the good fight.

DaveM said...

Mould seams especially on soft plastic are diabolical to get rid of. Obviously abrasion just creates a fuzzy mess. The only real options are sharps or heat (as Paul mentioned).

Another approach using heat which can work if the flash is very thin is to pass the figure very quickly through a candle flame but this can obviously be a risky approach as timing is critical.

My preferred method is to cut it off but you need something as sharp and thin as an old fashioned razor blade, not just a hobby knife. I'd suggest snipping a razor blade in half and mounting it on an the shaft of an old paintbrush to make a "scalpel".

Cheers, Dave

legatus hedlius said...

Great Panzer III! How I would have loved some when I was doing North Africa back in the seventies!