Tuesday, 9 September 2008

'The Creative Space'

Well just to demonstrate how bad I am at concentrating on one subject area this is whats currently occupying my modelling table :

12, 15mm Minifigs - British Infantry War of the Spanish succession 'the Buffs'
12, Zvesda 20mm - Russian Infantry of Peter the Great
1 Perry Miniatures ACW 'plastic cavalryman'
1 Perry Miniatures ACW 'plastic infantryman'
1 Warlord games 'Plastic Imperial Roman Legionairre'
1 Pegasus 1/48t scale 'snap together' mk 1 Spitfire - awaiting varnish
1 Airfix 1/72 Hawker Sea Fury (ex PM) - decalling in progress
1 Airfix 1/72 Gladiator (ancient kit but great looking decals) - decalling in progress

Various Games workshop stuff LOTR, Dark Elves old & new

Yes unfoccused as usual but I like variety. One of the debates I notice on forums and blogs is the continous old chestut of plastic wargames figures v metal some of the debate is almost snobbish, now I am used to plastic aircraft kits & have just about kept my modelling activities going since I started at the age of 7! and personally I like both materials and I think it makes sense for the bulk of any army to be made up from the cheaper (but well crafted) injection moulded figures with characters & specialist units in metal. These are very interesting times with the Perry's, Victrix and Warlord Games in the process of developing or producing excellent injection moulded figures.

I do have some project aims in mind for the coming winter and these are :

28mm Confederate ACW Army using Perry Miniatures (3 box Inf & 1 Cavalry in stock)
15mm War of the Spanish Succession Army (new interest & the fault of certain Blog sites!)
15mm ECW Royalist Army (Peter Pig Figs)
28mm Early WWI (Greta War Miniatures) to recreate skirmish actions
28mm Imperial Roman Army (Warlord Games/CrusaderMinis etc)
Also on the wargaming front to continue various ww2 projects and Dark Elves (only main diversion towards the GW empire)

As an aviation modeller I do concentrate on mostly RAF 1914-1960 aircraft however Zvesda'a Russian PE8 is rather nice!!

The only problem being with the above is Time!! a full time job and family life push the hobby into 3rd place .....but that's nothing new for any of us except those lucky few who earn a living from their hobby!!


legatushedlius said...

I started blogging to bring discipline to my projects too. I thought if I set up one for one army (Spartans) I would concentrate on them. Ho ho! Now I have 15 wargames blogs...

If I put a link in to yours on mine it will tell the world when you last posted! That will keep your mind focussed!

Looking forward to the planes too. I like doing planes (WW2 ships as well)but feel guilty that they are eating into my figure painting so don't get as many done as I would want-only when my little boy bullies me that he needs another one for his WW2 games!

Fraxinus said...

Thanks for the encouragement and the link! It worked I've posted again!!