Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Memory Lane - Old Kit's

Although being of the Airfix generation this is one kit I remember buying from the local newsagent in the 1970's in Walton on Thames Surrey, Mr Porter stocked a few kits on his shelves and he dressed like Ronnie Barker in 'Open All Hours' in a brown shop coat and he also rather scaringly had a hook in place of a missing right hand! Once built the Brits at least had a tank to take on the Germans Panther in the school wargames club. Hmmm ...might have a regular old kit feature on the blog an excuse to explore the attic!!

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legatushedlius said...

Crikey, that box art brings back memories! I used to live in Staines and bought my Airfix fix in the long defunct Johnson and Clarks where the shop assistants were so clueless that they often undercharged as they couldn't add up!

My Sherman Fireflys are now doing sterling servive on my living room floor where my little boy, who has just returned from a school D-Day visit to Normandy (a nature walk on Staines reservoir was all we got!)is recreating D-Day the length of the room with all my old tanks and all his new Corgi planes..