Tuesday, 9 September 2008

'Joining Up'

Okay my first post on this new Blog. Why..... well I started my first blog and lost interest after 1 posting!! a record perhaps but now I feel guilty having enjoyed other peoples blogs on wargaming, history and the environment for the past 18 months and feel I should join in instead of just being an avid reader!! so welcome one and all to my corner of the wargaming military history & aviation modelling world. I am probably the ultimate 'butterfly' in hobbiest terms. Most people on similar blogs have intersts in military history perhaps wars of the Spanish Succession, Napoleonic or the World Wars. Others prefer aircraft modelling or tanks or naval subjects BUT I am afraid I am fascinated by the lot so initially this site will have an eclectic mix until i get more organised!!

Enough rabbit and banter. Why the name Victory V ? Well this is a reference to one of my all time military heroes ....no not Wellington, Marlborough, Monty or Bader but My Grandpa!! He was in the RMLI (Royal Marine Light Infantry) componant of the Naval Division Joining up at Chatham in November 1915 and de mobed February 1919. He went over the top was wounded and had many tales to tell about France but when convalescing or under training he was based at 'Victory V' Portsmouth with the 1st Reserve (RMLI) battalion......and I thought that will do as the blog title!! its short & I cannot forget it!!.... a bonus as I push on through the 40's!

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