Monday, 5 April 2010

Airfix Kit, Kiplings House, De La Warr Pavilion & Hastings ...phew busy Easter!!

Okay weekend started with a bit of concerted 'Airfix Starter Kit Challenge' work, great fun just using whats supplied 1 paintbrush, cement,4 awful acrylic colours + you can only use masking tape, rubber bands, a file,modelling knife & a bit of nose weight if recommended in the instructions. By Sunday after various interuptions like easter egg consumption & family stuff the airframe is complete!

Sub assemblys  built Hurrah...the only awful bit was attaching the tail as the moulds & therefore the locating pegs are slightly 'out' so repositioned tail unit. Painting is the next bit & with no Halfords primer allowed I'm ever so slightly worried!!

Of course to make all this authentic I have only drunk orange squash, consumed wagon wheels (yes they are smaller!!) & listened to period rock music like ACDC 'Dirty Deeds Done Cheap'

Anyway Easter monday is family time so we decided to 'crack' the first 'stately pile' of the new decade with a visit to Kiplings modest house Batemans in East Sussex.

Yes shot of the garden with house in distance....due to electrical fault the house was closed!!! BUM!!! the mill wheel wasn't working due to technical fault & grass paths by river closed due to mud!!!!

So folks this is what we saw plus RK's Rolls Royce in it's garage but as that was behind some plexi glass arrangement couldn't get a decent shot!

So joint decision 'lets head for the coast' which meant by going due South we ended up in Bexhill on Sea famous for an iconic bit of Art I am fond of Art Deco so here's some pics of the De La Warr Pavillion

View of pavillion facing the Sea

View from cafe (very nice Latte, Capawotsit & hot Choccy!)

Rear Stair well

Lovely art deco light fitting....joined in with 'arty photo types' snapping this feature. All in all an inspiring bit of AD but the 2 gallery's inside contained what could be basically (ok I'm an art philistine) termed as crap. Sorry but a piece of paper with a hole torn in it and then framed isn't art!! lots of other squiggles & conceptional rubbish which held my attention span for 30 seconds!!

So not satisfied with a closed batemans & superb Art Deco seaside architecture...on to Hastings!!

Didn't bother taking many photo's but liked this stained glass door in the old town

Loved this antidote to historical blue plaques!!

Enjoyed seeing again the home of the mother of Admiral Sir Cloudesly Shovell

Close up of Historic Plaque!!

Also next to the above house was this sign must look him up ....all I know was he was governor of Gib & orgnaised the defence of the fortress while under siege by the Spanish 1779-1783

Anyway thats it for a busy Easter Monday time to sit down with some Orange Squash & read my copy of Victor Comic from 27th march 1976 (I have quite a few copies from 1976, a few Victor & Warlord Summer Specials plus a few annuals....aah nostalgia!! ) Thought Steve the Wargamer would enjoy seeing a front cover again after his comment below


Anonymous said...

Looks like a brilliant day the Sea Hawk by the way, a lovely looking plane.
I have that beat however because I have found a sweet shop that sells loose sweets (including Army & Navy Drops) by the Quarter!!! I NEVER, EVER thought I would be allowed to ask that again, in public without Brussels landing on my head!
I definitely think Nostalgia is back in fashion, now all I need is afew comics and to find Lemon Sherbert Powder again!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Wagon Wheels and orange ... nice touch

Cake or biscuit?

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Ah Matt - and Rhubarb and Custards!

Thanks for the shot of Victor - what a cracking comic it was...! Check this out for someone who obviously thinks the same... :o)

Robert said...

Great post!

My dad was a Royal Marine on Ark Royal in the mid-late 1950's. He was a keen photographer, and took some fantastic photos of Seahawks and other FAA aircraft of the time. I still have them somewhere.

The Seahawk was always a favourite of his, along with the Gannet and later Sea Vixen.