Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A W Seahawk 'Starter Set' Group Build Challenge Completed

Well chuffed to have finished this challenge on Britmodeller Forum. Just as a reminder this was the one that you went back to your childhood and built the kit from the box using just the glue, brush & AWFUL acrylic paints supplied! A few other bits like masking tape 1 file & a craft knife were allowed, but no Airbrushes, spray cans or filler could be used.

The worse bit was painting the beast, the paints supplied in little plastic pots were dreadful & could only be applied in several thin coats. Surprisingly the underside white went OK, the topside grey was very streaky & then did the classic...... although being well stirred initially half way through the paint job it turned a slightly different hue of grey & less satin finish....I then stopped probably 1 coat short of finishing the fusalage.

The grey was hard work!!

Ready for decals & adding the dangly bits under the wings

Finished complete with a little display placque I made from spare sprue, box art & masking tape!!

Heath Robinson or what!!

Nose showing the super card markings

Inverted looks ok from a distance

passes muster closer up

Anyway thats it .....I did say on the forum I would build another if I have time before the month is out. I will then slap together the Northrop F -5A Freedom Fighter..... a plane I know little about and this is in Iranian Markings!!

Anyway if you want to look at the real thing have a look at the Royal Navy Historic Flight based at Yeovilton.

2 posts down Robert commented on his father being on Ark Royal as a marine..and he took photo's of the aircraft ..excellent if possible please post them somewhere or e mail some shots to me that would be great especially the Seahawks,Vixens and Gannets


Anonymous said...

MOST impressive. Lovely looking plane in its own right as well.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Well done

I was tempted to do some of the kits but baulked at not using my favourite things

And there were too many unmade plastic kits in my possession for me to do it

All praise to you for doing it Fraximus

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Excellent! Well done... did you enjoy it as much as when you were a youngster???

Fraxinus said...

Hi Matt cheers quite pleased with results bearing in mind the cpnstraints on the build

geordie....it was worth it...I can turn out kits as quickly as when I was kid but usually get hung up on detail & realism now I'm older the whole process has been fun & worth the £6.99

Steve undoubtably YES I have maintained an element of the modelling/wargaming hobby throughout my life as a means of 'chilling out' from lifes 'tribulations' ( women, work & morgage!)doing a stater set with the Britmodeller community has been fun

legatus hedlius said...

Well done looks great. I am running well behind but hope to pick up this week! I'll need to!

Al said...

Take some pictures of your older painted stuff for us would you? I would especially like to see your Defiant, Battle and Hurricane.