Thursday, 4 April 2013

Gems from the Attic no1 - Airfix 1/32nd Strongpoint

 The expedition to the arctic....I mean Attic (though currently it feels very much like the former!!!) is going well. Enough 'surplus' kits have been garnered to sell on Saturday although I'm sure I should have been tougher. It is very difficult trying to decide what kit or box of figures to get rid of with the angel on one shoulder saying...'think of the family holiday that selling this will help to pay for' when the devil on the other shoulder says .....'think of all the different squadrons you can represent with those 20 Harrier kits'!! 

Shoreham aero mart is what it says an aviation market but I do sell a few 1/35 tanks as well and this year the challenge to my co conspirator on the stall Chris Burton is to sell a box of ESCI Zulu's to some unsuspecting customer and he shall receive a pint, if he fails he buys me a pint at the end of the show!

However the reason for this post is to remind everyone of this classic 1/32 scale kit, the original boxing of which I found in the aforementioned roof space. I also possess a made and battered model much fought over in the 1970's when my dad and I used 'Britain's' plastic farm sacks, milk churns, Airfix plastic FN Rifle Bullets, match sticks in firing Britains and crescent artillery models and corks to knock over the soldiers. This primitive 'Wellsian' wargaming was great fun and my son was introduced to this 'art of war' at an early age too.

The Ninth Edition Airfix Catalogue which incidentally cost 15p describes it on page 55 as; no.1808 Strongpoint. the first of a new series. This snap together model of a partially demolished building is the perfect companion for the Airfix 1/32 soldiers. it can be used in many roles in addition to the strongpoint purposes, such as company headquarters or first - aid post.

Today I also scored 100 points in the 'geek' stakes after correctly identifying a started cockpit on Pauls plastic warriors blog as a Matchbox Lynx helicopter.......not sure if this is a good accolade BUT Paul's blog if you don't know it is well worth following.

The New projects I mentioned are looking very healthy too having found vastly more than expected Napoleonic, ACW and WW2 Desert Campaign figures and kits in the loft/attic more on that soon. Enough blogging for tonight it's Time to crack open a bottle of 'Badger' ale and to continue 'pricing' the stock.

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TamsinP said...

Hiya there,

Just saw you were following my blog and it's only polite to return the favour.

When were you at Wye? I was there 89-92 doing Animal Science

Fraxinus said...

Hi Tamsin

We crossed over by a year then I studied Countryside Management 1991-1994, great times College now very sad after Imperial has destroyed it and wants to sell most of it for development. My claim to fame I worked for 2 years on repairing the Crown Chalk carving above Wye. Great Blog by the way

Paul said...

Too kind Fraxinus. I have a HK copy of this from my childhood.

The sandbag sections were brilliant for the 8th army poses.

Nice post.

legatus hedlius said...

I remember this but didn't have it as my 1/32nd interest was confined to Americans and Japaense.

Identifying that kit based on the picture was amazing. I am able to do the same on portions of Playboy centrefolds. I'm not sure which is more tragic...