Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Workbench & Maidstone Toy Fair Purchases

Have finally completed sorting out the back bedroom as the 'Den' and the main scene of modelling operations from now on. My other domain the 'study' where the damned computer lurks is the smallest bedroom full of display cases and military books, not much room for modelling and painting little soldiers! The upstairs landing has the aviation library...and these need cataloging and put in some sort of order. Not sure if its the change of profession into teaching which is making me more ordered or the fact that chaos has reigned for long enough!
A few other blogs have shown their new paint racks.....mine is an old Humbrol shop counter display rack I saved from being 'skipped' when the local hardware store closed a few years ago.Most of my paints live in the 'acrylics' toolbox or the 'enamels' toolbox. Currently underway and nearing completion are some Italian WW2 artillery and Napoleonic French Foot Artillery....the small table is the 'basing' table.
The low point of the day was Brentford failing to make automatic promotion to the championship...the on loan striker from Fulham missing the all important penalty...although amusingly spell checker recommends 'shameful' for Fulham! The high point of the day was the visit to The Maidstone Toy & Collectors Fair where I managed to buy the above Matchbox Kits for £10.
Also an Il-28 for a £5! Kits do not often feature at Toy fairs where diecast buses cars etc and trains rule supreme so sometimes a bargain can be had.
Inspired by the article in the latest issue of Miniature Wargames 'A Saladin for Unit' I also picked up the old JB models kit boxed by Airfix and the Crescent Diecast as mentioned in the article to do a restoration on. Not sure if in reality the Saladin ever did tow limbers and guns but it will be a fun little project!


Monty said...

Looking forward to seeing the Saladin - I loved the UNIT conversion job too ;)

Paul said...

The space looks a picture of calm and workmanship.

Nice scores on the kits as well. I just picked up a Trumpter Beagle for the same price!

legatus hedlius said...

How cool to have an actual Humbrol paint rack!

Looks like an excellent room!

Have got my plastic Napoleonics out the loft so will drop you a line as to what I have if you are still interested!

Matt said...

Everything a "man cave" should be!

Fraxinus said...

cheers everyone for the 'man cave' comments....Trumpeter Beagle Paul for a £5 definitely a bargain, I have the old Airfix version in original boxing too.

Still interested in the plastic Naps LH thank you!