Friday, 5 April 2013

The Nissan Note Model Shop!

Almost loaded for the annual bash at Shoreham Aero Jumble on Saturday not much space left, its the first time I've loaded the car for this event during snow flurries! BBC weather promises 8 degrees and Sunshine......hahaha 2 thermos flasks, gloves 4 fleeces etc packed! Tonight will be spent at a friends parents in law in Ditchling, Sussex so most of the profits will be drunk before the sale!
Last year I was hit from behind by a B17 on a roundabout .......normally this would be fatal however being only 1/72nd scale I survived! Note another B17 is poised to repeat the event. The main problem at aero jumbles is not to return with more than you came with ...last year I added a print on Hurricanes taking off at Kenley, a copy of The Lightning Boys personally signed by Squadron Leader Roy Colebrook who I had a good chat with and a model Beufighter in nigh fighter scheme.


legatus hedlius said...

Good grief that is, indeed, a model shop!

Think of all the space you will free up!

Paul said...


Fraxinus said...

cheers chaps yes just hoping some punters turn up tomorrow....& they want some kits! But It's nice meeting modellers who come to the event hoping your stall is going to be there & talking about the latest build

Matt said...

Have fun!