Friday, 20 February 2009

Cromwell's Ironsides at Marston Moor - Richard Scollins Illustration

'Marston Moor was the most important and bloodiest battle of the Civil war and it was due to the decisive charges of the Ironsides that the fate of that day was at last determined'Alan Buttery MM January 1985.

The second article on Cromwell's Ironsides gave an account of Marston Moor and details for wargaming and modelling using Minifigs, Laing's and Jacobite Miniatures. Langley Models produced a fine Mounted Trooper at the time in 54mm

Richard scollins picture is very evocative showing the action when Cromwell's Ironsides hacked their way through Ruperts men while a summer thunderstorm added to the noise and cacophony of battle.

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