Tuesday, 3 February 2009

World War One 28mm Figures

Some Figures from the workbench today starting with Great War Miniatures BEF British and Brigade Models Plucky little Belgians. These are about to be cleaned up but first a size comparison.

As can be seen the Brigade Models are slightly taller/bigger figures even allowing for fancy headwear! and do not have as much finese as GW Minis but have a certain charm about them.

The Carabinier at the top looks superb in his Tyrolean hat, and the Line Infantryman below in the typical Belgian Shako. Belgians army was dressed in even more of an archaic fashion than the French army of 1914 and thats part of the appeal.

Now thats what I call cavalry the recent addition to the Great War Miniatures 'stable' (pun intended...groan)a BEF lancer 2 packs of which were purchased the other day plus command pack from the Snipers Nest.

Finally as its getting late a picture prooving the existence of my first regiment of 15mm figures for my British army from the Wars of the Spanish Succession. These are 2'Buffs' on the painting table and I hope to finish the regiment by the end of Feb thanks for the gentle reminder Steve!! This was my new interest last year & I will continue!!!

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legatus hedlius said...

Thanks for the photos-very helpful. They would look fine with my bigger Renegade germans I would guess.