Wednesday, 18 February 2009

First Belgian Line Infantryman of 1914 Painted and Based - Paint References Included

At last the ‘prototype Model’ Brigade Models Belgian Line Infantryman is finished. Delay caused by ‘rushing’ the basing which looked dreadful too much flock and too dark a brown used meant I had to remove the filler etc from the base and start again!!

‘The Belgian infantryman of 1914 had something of a comic opera appearance. The shiny hats of the Carabiniers and the stiff shakos of the line, the dark green or dark blue uniforms and the glinting brass all helped to make the Belgian soldier an easy target’ (Funcken)

So this is what I used to paint the Belgian Line Infantryman of 1914 all paints are acrylics click on table and enlarge to read!

Basing the Figure

The figure was based on a Renedra Plastic Stand (bought with an order from Gripping Beast) covered with B&Q ready mixed filler to the depth of the figures metal stand. Builders sand was washed and left to dry and then the base with wet filler dipped in it. When dry a well pigmented wash of GW Graveyard Earth was applied then a darker well thinned down black brown wash was added. When dry highlighted with graveyard earth lightened with white. Finally Hornby Light Green Grass R8863 was cut to length and glued in place using B&Q wood glue (dries clear) and a few tufts of GW static grass.

To seal the paint onto the figure & protect it Humbrol Matt Varnish was carefully sprayed on.

Now I’ve got this first figure painted I will follow the ‘recipe’ to paint the rest of my Line Infantry 5 at a time. Note the only omission is not having the confidence to paint a white number in the middle of the oilskin shako cover plate denoting the regiment!! so left it off!!!


legatus hedlius said...

Lovely figure!

Ralphus said...

great! what scale is it? The Belgians were very early to get to grips with the armoured car...are you planning any of them?

Fraxinus said...

Thanks chaps I was quite pleased first 28mm for ages they are nice figures easy detail to paint.

Belgian Armoured cars featured in WI a few months ago much to my joy! Havn't traced any models of them apart from a 15mm Peter Pig example which I have. Now being also an aeroplane modeller I might try some scratch building to produce one ...but later in the year perhaps or as a gradual build alongside all the other interests!!!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Lovely job!