Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Cromwell's Ironsides - Richard Scollins Picture

As mentioned recently on Ralph's excellent blog 'Wars of Louis Quatorze'Richard Scollins superb illustrations used to liven up articles in Military Modelling. I think that this is what I miss the most from the modern slick magazines and MM sadly now does not feature on my magazine buying radar as its predominatly full of tanks (I model tanks myself but I like variety) and usually very expensive ones and covered in resin and etched brass!! Marriot, Fosten, Younghusband etc all used to provide great illustrations and I miss this element in the current journals. Also I liked one magazine which featured modelling, wargaming and military history. Perhaps its my age (I am now in the grumpy old man age bracket)however on the wargaming and modelling front we've never had it so good every army produced in metal and plastic, tanks and aircraft of every nation and mark.....but I just miss the journal that was Military modelling and the old Airfix magazine from the 70's & 80's!!!

This picture was from MM December 1984 in an article by Alan Buttery on Cromwell's Ironsides (Part1)


Ralphus said...

I forgot about that picture - thanks for posting...and thanks for the mention.

Secundus said...

I love this picture, nice reference for the 'campaign' look with the extra equipment on the saddle.

Fraxinus said...

Scollins pictures were fantastic I wonder if they were ever put into a book?6 of his prints are advertised at the back of the Warhammer ECW rules and I have just found part 2 of the article & accompanying artwork from MM! They do indeed have that veteran campaigner look.