Friday, 12 March 2010

The Britmodeller Airfix Starter Set Fun Challenge kick off 2nd April

See Britmodeller forum & web site for kit bashers they are doing a group build (kit bashers like working on a designated Theme & posting the results on the site within certain guidelines) I picked this one the 'Airfix Starter Set' group build from the Airfix facebook page. What a great idea !!return to our roots and build a basic model 'basically!' with what comes in the starter set which means no airbrush but you have to use the 'hairs on the end of a stick' (us dablers in wargames figures are used to this) supplied in the starter set, no aftermarket decals or fancy fillers, glues, Halfords plastic primer (my personal worry!) etc. So lets return to enjoying building kits without the 'angst' of adulthood perfection anyone else willing to give it a try????? The challenge is down!! They start the build on 2nd April finishing 1st May join up for free and declare here or just do it and post on youre blog ...or both. Even if you havn't sniffed tube cement for years give it a go!

I suppose to be authentic build it in a rush on a saturday afternoon after lunch, dont let the glue or paint dry and decals on by tea! with nothing more intoxicating than a glass of squash & a club biscuit at 4pm!

I've gone for an AW Seahawk its only got 4 paints! & you can't supplement, but any plane,ship, tank car etc model produced as a starter set qualifies.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I passed this kit on the shelves of my "local" Hobbycraft (a rather antiseptic model shop experience)

I was trying to avoid the lure of a 1/72 RAF Vulcan bomber that was insanely catching my eye

I left the shop with nothing more exciting than a Tamiya Spongebrush and I'm not too sure why I got that!

good luck with teh fast-build

Al said...

Never knew you had a Blog, brilliant mate.