Monday, 29 March 2010

The Sutlej Gun - Captured Trophy of the Sikh Wars 1846

The 50th became 'The 50th (The Queen's Own) Regiment' in 1831. Becoming a Royal Regiment it's facings turned from Black to Royal Blue. They saw much action in India facing the Sikhs in 1845, and fought several battles culminating in Sobraon in 1846. Here the 50th played a decisive part in defeating the enemy, charging their guns to the cry of 'Make way for Her Majesty's 50th!' They captured a Sikh colour, but they came out of the engagement with a subaltern in command and half the regiment casualties.

This Sutlej Gun which is the centre piece of the West Kents Museum (The 50th being a parent regiment) was manufactured in Lahore, India in 1838 and is one of a pair presented by the Directors of the East India Company to Field Marshal Sir Henry Hardinge who was Commander in Chief and Governor General of India. He had been commissioned in the 50th in 1798.

Six of these guns are known to survive 2 were presented to Queen Victoria and 2 to Lord Gough. The other gun presented to Lord Hardinge is now on loan to the National Armouries

The workmanship on these pieces is incredible with beautiful detail not something you can usually say about a weapon of war.

Some more information on captured artillery from the war including the Sikh Heritage Trail


Anonymous said...

A beautiful bit of kit!


Le Loup said...

I agree with Matt, a beautiful gun.
Le Loup.