Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Humber MK.II Armoured Car - Matchbox Kit Completed!!

The excellent Matchbox Humber Mk II armoured car kit from the 1970's Pk -75 in Matchbox's 'purple range', this one is a Revell recent re-release, Great little model a joy to build & my favourite finish is the desert scheme fun to weather with highlights via the good old drybrush. Review of kit at miniatures forum and statistical info on the vehicle at wwiivehicles

This kit was great fun to build taking only a couple of days, the time delay only to let the glue dry. Anyone could 'go to town' on covering the kit in 'stowage' as was common practice especially in the western desert but I just kept it simple making a nice addition to my western desert forces.

A Humber Mk II armoured car of the 12th Royal Lancers on patrol in the Western Desert, 10 August 1942


Anonymous said...

Now that is really nice! The best I can achieve is "wargames standard" vehicles. How much Western Desert stuff do you have?

GEM Team said...

I love these matchbox kits. Well done

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice :)

You know he's just going to find a DAK AT gun somewhere no matter how hard he looks ;)

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nice work... takes me back to happy days building matchbox kits myself.. can't for the life of me remember which one it was though - they all came with a little terrain feature and I seem to remember it had half a destroyed bridge.... and Airfix Panthers and Shermans... still gaming the same theatre.... my scale has changed now though!

FalkeEins said...

very nice !

and a local modeller too . wrong blog I know but I spend quite a bit of time at Headcorn too during the summer. Fancy a trip in the Cap10?



Fraxinus said...

Matt thanks I always found building small scale armored vehicles the most relaxing pastime in our wonderful hobby (if you do all kinds of painting & modelling like me!) I have got 10 vehicles i am resurrecting from an e bay purchase and 2 large boxes of unbuilt models & figures for the western desert.

Cheers GEM aim is to build North African campaign vehicles & also work my way through the 1977 matchbox catalogue

Geordie yes he's spotted the DAK AT gun already its in the other box in the loft!! hope they don't start a fire!!!

Steve the old Airfix guides plus an Uncle fought in the western desert they are my driving forces behind this project...the bridge diorama piece was with the Sherman Firefly kit my memory lane favourite! Too many kits to change scale!

Neil a fellow citizen of the garden of england.... excellent Plus I can recommend Neils excellent Luftwaffe Blog & Modelling blogs to all readers here plus he is an aviation author of note & standing

legatus hedlius said...

Nice to have you back and building a Matchbox kit too!

I'm also unable to do stuff at the moment and am itching to get back to it!

David said...

great build and comments from everyone

i bought at least 100 unbuild kits at an auction once- All Matchbox and fujimi 1.76, some old guys use to buy boxed models in the 70's and 80's and he never built them but they were all dated with purchaase time and date and where he bought them

they are all built except 3 of the humbers and 4 fujimi valentines- as i mostly build european post D Day stuff they have sat in the cupboard......
your build may have started me on a desert thing now!!


Fraxinus said...

Legatus hope you get a chance to get back to the painting table soon....Easter & then Salute?

David, yes a lot of my WW2 armour has been Eastern front (cross of iron inspired!!) & Normandy invasion but the western desert theatre has always been an interest & the next kit will be the valentine! The vintage kit will be so inspired this week as well & will post it next couple of days

Sanowar Hossin said...

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