Sunday, 22 March 2009

Belgian Carabiniers & Maxim Gun Team 1914

The latest figures to be painted for my Belgian 1914 army are some carabiniers with their madly inapropriate for modern warfare Tyrolean headgear! Included in my batch of 5 figures to go under the brush was a Maxim Team all Brigade Models figures.

There are some great Photographs/Postcards of the Carabinier maxim teams in action or posed as if so and these make for excellent references. These images were found as before on my earlier Belgian 1914 blog posts from some excellent web sites.

The back view of the 2 man team supplied showing spare Ammo box & Mauser rifle placed on the base.

I presume the ropes the gunners have about them were used to help carry the gun?? The Germans had Maxims on ‘sledge’ type stands and wore towing belt arrangements to help pull/manoeuvre the gun.

I referred to various sources to paint the Carabiniers, like the postcards on the web as below

Also two volumes of the Funcken series 'Arms and Uniforms the First World War part 1' and Arms and Uniforms 18th century to the Present day. I decided to go with the basic dark green coats , grey trousers etc and left off yellow trouser stripes etc.

Above is my reference chart for painting these chaps again which helps my what colours did I use/mix? and hopefully a starting point for others afflicted with researching what colours to paint WW1 Belgian Carabiniers of 1914!!

Behind You!!

About face!

Basing the Figures

The figures was based on a Renedra Plastic Stand (bought with an order from Gripping Beast) covered with B&Q ready mixed filler to the depth of the figures metal stand. Builders sand was washed and left to dry and then the base with wet filler dipped in it. When dry a well pigmented wash of GW Graveyard Earth was applied then a darker well thinned down black brown wash was added & just started using the new Citadel washes ‘Devlan Mud’ useful for bases. When dry highlighted with graveyard earth lightened with white. Finally Hornby Light Green Grass R8863 was cut to length and glued in place using B&Q wood glue (dries clear) and a few tufts of GW static grass.

To seal the paint onto the figure & protect it Humbrol Matt Varnish was carefully sprayed on.

I didn’t really get on with the Citadel/GW Inks but the Washes are very useful especially as it saves time watering down paint to the right consistency to run into creases/along belts etc. The Ogryn Flesh is particularly handy for faces.

Phew thats it for now


legatus hedlius said...

These ar so cool! the model machine gun looks just like the photo! fantastic job!

Fraxinus said...

Ta...quite pleased the figs are 'chunkier' than I normally like but they're the only game in town ,they have a certain charm, looking forward to Guides Cavalry (even madder uniforms for WW1!) and Dog carts! What with this Schleswig H period cropping up thinking of changing blog name to the 'esoteric gamer'!!



Secundus said...

Nice work, I've just finished my 'Vickers' Section which is very similar. It gives you a nice little chance to create a bit of a diarama within the unit.

Giles said...

I like these a lot - there something about troops in rifle green. Lovely!

Best wishes