Saturday, 21 March 2009

Waterloo to Mons Miniatures Excellent New Miniatures Producer

Just a heads up on a new enterprise which is worth supporting even though first choice of figures is a little esoteric but thats what appeals to the majority of us unfocused Wargaming/ Military historian/ modelling/painting types! surely!!I am commited to WW1 with an interest in 1914 Belgians (a post of latest paint jobs by tea time tomorrow), a huge interest which has been growing since this time last year with the period 1660- 1720 all thanks mostly to Steve the Wargamer and Ralphs excellent daily reading material on Wars of Louis Quartoz and then I start reading matts blog with the title inspired by one of the Cassell's History of warfare books and I'm learning about something else. Not starting with the usual suspects like Franco prussian War etc his new enterprise Waterloo to Mons Miniatures has kicked off with figures for the first Schleswig-Holstein War of 1845-1850 in footballing terms Denmark V Prussia! Thats as Much as I know but I'm sure I've got some uniform details in a Blandford somewhere!!

Having sent Matt some rules from an old Airfix guide via his blog I thought what the heck I'm not going to salute (I'm not going to salute...I'm not going to salute repeat 100X)lets get a few sample figures and see how they paint up (yeah I know just as I am getting into the swing of a small production line of belgians etc I get sidetracked...hell I enjoy my hobby! I am by training a Countryside Manager & diversity is important!!)

Now I know he's just started so won't have a massive order book but I ordered them at midnight wednesday, got despatch e mail yesterday friday and they are on my doormat this morning saturday excellent service!!

What they like well not massive lumps of metal like most of us are seeing these days and my Belgians are such beings being tall chunky figures, these and its the Danes I invested in first (uniform more appealing & sympathies lay with Denmark as a country more than Prussians in Historical terms)are slim, more accuratly proportioned like the mainstream Plastic figures and best quality Hinchcliffe like...If I knew where my Hinchcliffe's were I would compare directly. Not hugely chunky belts and exagerated creases in clothing which make painting a doddle but good engraving which will take paint and detail well. Two things stand out....The heads are not exagerated Hurrah & twice more hurrah and a very nice Flag chappie comes with a very well cast flag which slots into position perfectly (glue needed of course)The Danish Infantry Advancing in Shako and Cap 1842 uniform are at the top of the page and have not been cleaned up just straight in front of the camera lens.

The Command Group straight out the packet

Some painted Danes from the web site

The web site and ordering system could not be easier...Highly recommended....Now finish my Warlord Minis free plastic ECW freebie given away on Wargames Illustrated (note 'wallet warning' lots of tempting adverts in this pre Salute issue!)and get my sons Birthday card & pressie which sadly won't be wargames figures being of the XBox Wii generation!!


Ralphus said...

yes they are tempting. Waterloo to Mons is a great theme and site. I found myself getting excited by the Austro-Prussian war
very picturesque

Fraxinus said...

Yes superb re enacting rather enjoyed that, My first true investment in metal miniatures were the Perry's Franco Prussians under Wargames Foundary back in the 80's. Always had a slight fascination for the Austrian empire being a fan of John Biggin's fictional books about Ottokar Prohaska set in WW1 Austrian navy