Saturday, 28 March 2009

Quiet day in Blogland wonder If a Big Show is on Today!

Yes there is silly me!!! it's that show again Salute & again I cannot make it as it's conflicting with my busiest time at work & 'poorest' time of the year....o well....violins etc. Hope everyone enjoys it and buys loads of goodies except don't exhaust Brigade Models Belgian cavalry stocks too much!!!


littlejohn said...

Yes I too was recently "left home crying" over missing both "Coldwars" and the SWA convention here in the states both within weeks of each other...ouch!

Fraxinus said...

yup definitly feel I've not joined the party!! It will be worse when everyone lists their new acquisitions...however thats balanced by my environmentalism & ironically the G20 protest is going on in London simultaneously with the biggest wargames shopping day of the year in the Uk!!Ho hum stillwould have liked to pick up some new Coppelstones/Warlord Minis and Belgians of course!!

Sir William the Aged said...

Nicely painted Revell figure there. Definitely know what you mean about the conventions, I got burned out years ago after never missing one, now I probably won't get to go to one any time soon. These days the convention has to come to me ;-)