Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Belgian Great War Cavalry By Brigade Models Launched at Salute

There I was thinking it was dog carts next from Brigade Models for the 28mm 1914 Belgians & here are the cavalry!! Released at Salute and from the web site straight after...the lot please!!!

From their web site Salute Page:

Belgian Great War Cavalry
'Absolutely hot off the presses, so much so that we only have a limited number of photographs, we present three types of Belgian cavalry including officers and buglers. All cavalry troopers are supplied with seperate arms allowing them to be equipped with sabres or lances.'

GW-1117 Senior Officer £1.50
GW-1118 Lancers in Czapka (x2) £5.00
GW-1119 Lancer Officer £3.00
GW-1120 Lancer Bugler £3.00
GW-1121 Guides in Colback (x2) £5.00
GW-1122 Guide Officer £3.00
GW-1123 Guide Bugler £3.00
GW-1124 Chasseurs in Shako (x2) £5.00
GW-1125 Chasseurs Officer £3.00
GW-1126 Chasseurs Bugler £3.00
GW-1127 Mounted officer in Field Cap £3.00

Above 'pony' may be a 'nosebag enthusiast'! but definitly a time to raise a glass of

.........to the fellows at Brigade Models!!

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legatus hedlius said...

That lancer is cracking!

The problem is I actually have some Early War Germans painted so I could sort of justify them!