Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Plastic 54mm Model Soldier Figures & Two Good 'recruiting sources'

Above is my attempt at painting a 'Call To Arms' 1/32nd scale ECW musketeer, they are great fun to paint, this one was completed a few years ago now when they were first released, but a joy to paint! the figures are very nice and a relief to paint especially after smaller scales like 15mm and being glued to the PC for work or on this blog!

Steve Westons Toy Soldiers in their words 'We offer some of the finest Plastic Toy oldiers from around the Globe'

Specializing in 1/32 - 54mm scale, but also offering 1/35th - 50mm and 1/24th - 60mm scales.We have the 2009 edition, 40 page Catalogue showing 400 items. Now I like the look of the Replicants ECW superb ...

and the cavalry.......

I will order some of these in the near future for some summer relaxation painting. Another good source of plastic figures is Harfields Military Figures who also do 1/72nd scale and having looked at 'Table Wars' blog with some well painted Viking and Saxon Revell & Emahar 1/72nd plastics they can look as good as metal in many instances.

Of course in America there is the Michigan Toy Soldier Company but there are many sources out there worldwide and in 1/72nd plastic figures reading The Plastic Soldier Review is well worth it if you are interested in that scale and want to mail order some figures after knowing whats in the box!!

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Harfields are the best . I always use only them.gREAT SERVICE NICE PEOPLE.bY THE WAY i LOVE THIS ecw FIGURE