Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Plastic ECW Warlord Games .....I Surrender!!


Ok I have only succumbed to 1 box of Warlord games plastics so far, and I am most definitly not a metal/plastics snob, as I'm happy to work in both mediums and having been fundamentaly an aircraft modeller for years I like plastic. I have got a box off Victrix and some Perry plastic ACW cavalry and french very nice....but these new ECW are probably going to tilt the balence they may be convertable for post ECW as well without to much trouble but I have a feeling as long as they price them right and don't start taking the mickey price wise like games Workshop then I might as well inform my employers to divert my wages direct and cut out the middle man ...me (If your reading this 'Hazy' only joking on that point!)

A jolly drummer

An OK Officer and I know valuminous clothing & sashes were all the rage with kevin keegan hairdoos in the ECW but he looks like he needs to attend a few weightwatchers meetings!

Nicely painted pike

Shooty types

Sprues etc on Warlord games web site......all in all very nice and if compatable with existing Perry/Foundry ECW I will try some packs especially the cavalry.

This is a late entry on the Blog as I spent the evening actually wargaming for the first time in ages!!!! Now D & D roleplaying started with friends from work 18 months ago (after 20+ year gap)and this evening wasn't the historical stuff which I'm predominantly interested in but the dark side 'warhammer'!! now I have got a partly painted dark elf army, cos I like to paint models but have only just played my first game & it was fun thanks to Ryan from work who hosted the game and knows the rules back to front etc etc. it was a fun game my 'Wood Elves' got thrashed by the Green Orc types 948 points to 631 with only my cavalry surviving having taken out the Goblin rider chaps on wolves and his artillery but it was fun....and that is what it should be all about. Anyhow Ryan and his uncle who works for a military history publishing company game other stuff including WW1 Belgians!! how mad is that!! so that will be a future game.


Scott Robertson said...

Caliver Books in Nottingham have a special perorder on these, order any 4 packs (Royalist and or Parliament) for 60 pounds postfree worldwide, you also get a set of their Forlorn hope rules for free. I like this as postage to Australia is always over priced. Cheers Scott

Fraxinus said...

Cheers Scott Good tip about caliver, the post free must make a huge difference if you want to order from the uk. I want some Belgian WW1 25mm from Battle Honours now only obtainable in the US as far as I can make out and with postage & import duties it does not make economic sense!

Scott Robertson said...

I order from the US only when I have a very large order then I ask them to use the 42 dollar flat rate box. The box can take 24 packs of Old Glory 28mm and is the only way to do postage from the States which has to be one of the highest I have ever come across (except for Norway where I studied for 2 years). So save your pennies and get a few others together and do a large order. What about the UK distributor of Old Glory 15's surrely they could get you a few packs in as they are dealing with the same company? I think it is 'Timecast' in the UK. Did you get the book 'Soldier' by Scollins yet and if so did you enjoy it? Cheers Scott

Fraxinus said...

Hi Scott will try your ideas re old Glory etc, have today chased slow bookseller via Amazon system as no Scollins has appeared yet have some more superb Scollins artwork to scan from old MM's anyway.