Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Free Warlord Games Figure painted as Fairfax's Regiment New Model Army

Free with April's Wargames Illustrated, is this 'taster' of the new Warlord games plastic Figures being launched at salute this weekend and for non attendees like me on their web site next week! With the Copplestone range emerging for post ECW this is a bumper time for 17th Century enthusiasts.

Run Away!

Forward view on super micro Digital camera setting Musket a little blurred!

I went for Fairfax's Regiment of the New Model Army after referring to my favourite ECW book 'The English Civil war 1642 - 1651 An Illustrated Military History' by Philip Haythornthwaite. Plate 24 on page 119 shows Musketeers wearing the new model uniform armed with firelock muskets with a cartridge box suspended from a waistbelt instead of a bandolier.Wearing red coats with blue facings fairfax's Regiment were 'firelocks all'.


legatus hedlius said...

Looks really nice! The old posts are coming thick and fast now!

I really liked the figure but have so many Renegade/Bicorne ECW (i've even got over 100 painted!) I can't really use them as they have quite a different look.


You should read Antonia Fraser's Cromwell.Someb good ideas on uniforms